Cutco Knife Giveaway – My Lifetime Mortgage Referral Program

[big_title]Do you LOVE to cook?[/big_title]
While I’m not a great cook, I enjoy it much more when cooking with the best equipment. That is why I am giving away Cutco Knives. These high quality – lifetime guarantee knives will surely be a welcome addition to your kitchen. I have owned many other brands of knives and they eventually break, bend or deteriorate and I still own and use every Cutco knife I have ever brought to my kitchen, they are made to last ! check them out here: www.cutco.com
[big_title2]How do I start my Cutco Collection?[/big_title2]
To receive your new Cutco knives, all you have  to do is refer me to your friends, family or colleagues who you know are going to be buying, refinancing or renewing their mortgage and interested in a wide range of lending options.
Every referral you send me who closes a new mortgage, I will deliver you the next knife in the collection, as well as one to your friend who you referred to me so they can start their own collection. I have satisfied clients who are already making their way through the collection faster than I can keep these knives in stock!
You will have the entire set in no-time! If you don’t like to cook and would prefer not to receive knives, just let us know and we will make sure you get an alternate thank-you gift!
I am always happy to discuss mortgage, and there is no upfront cost for my services so feel free to call or contact me today !