Construction Mortgages & Land Loans

For those wishing to construct and in need of a mortgage to facilitate this, I have many options. I am experienced in dealing with professional builders and self builders alike. I have an extensive network of both institutional and private construction lenders. If you are interested in building on a property you already own, or wish to purchase a property in order to construct a new home I can go over the numbers with you. These loans are quite complex and I can provide you with some valuable insight into how lenders will view your upcoming project.

Also, for those who wish to purchase bare land with future plans to develop, I can assist you in sourcing the best lenders for your acquisition. Many of the same lenders I deal with on construction mortgages will also lend on the land value initially for a purchase. They can then convert the loan into a construction draw mortgage at a later date. So please contact me to discuss your plans, as a well executed strategy can save you thousands in interest, legal and lender fees.

For more information, please contact me directly