Mortgage Refinance

As time passes and circumstances change your mortgage may no longer suit you financial needs. You may see the benefit in refinancing for various reasons such as taking equity to payout debt, pay for a child’s education or to open a secured line of credit for investment purposes to name just a few.

Whatever you situation, I can bring a large array of mortgage options to the table. Unlike your bank, I have access to A, B and private lenders for all circumstances. I have both National and local lenders with different policies who will all see your mortgage through a different lens. We can plan your next mortgage to best fit your financial and life goals. Since everyone’s financial situations are constantly changing it isn’t always worth waiting until a mortgage renewal to make necessary changes.

I’m happy to review anyone’s current mortgage situation to look for room for improvement, and if it’s better to leave it where it is then you’ll have that peace of mind.

I have a wide range of lenders that offer first or second mortgages and secured lines of credit. For more information please contact me directly.