Chapter 4 – Types of Insurance

In the world of life insurance there are dozens of products. They have catchy names such as Genesis, Estatemaster, Exce Life, Estate Advantage, and Wealth Advantage. While these all sound riveting, they are all the same two types of insurance!   Ignore the fancy names. All you need to know are these two basic forms … Read more

Chapter 3 – All the pieces of the puzzle.

You are now at the point where you know some differences between life and mortgage insurance. You now also know the steps involved with getting life insurance, but who are the people involved in this process? What do they do? Here is some key terminology that you need to know.   Insurance Agent/Broker This is … Read more

Chapter 2 – Steps for buying life insurance

It is time to consider life insurance when you take on a large financial liability that requires an ongoing need for protection. This can be a combination of buying a home, being married, having children, taking on substantial consumer debt, or owning a business. Here are some steps to follow when you are considering buying … Read more

Chapter 1 – Mortgage Insurance vs. Life Insurance

Talking about ones own demise is never easy or fun, but it is essential. When protecting your family from unexpected loss the mortgage can take the center stage. You can’t have loved ones wondering if they can afford the family house or not. Life and mortgage insurance seem similar, but when you dig deeper they show their true … Read more