Higher CMHC Mortgage Insurance Premiums on the Way

If you’re currently in the market for a home, June 1, 2015 is a day you’ll want to circle on your calendar. On this dubious date, CMHC is set to increase mortgage insurance premiums; not surprisingly, first-time homebuyers are expected to be hit the hardest. How much more will you pay in mortgage insurance? Let’s take a closer look.

What Mortgage Insurance and Why Do I Need It?
Depending on the size of your down payment, there are two types of mortgages – conventional and high-ratio mortgages. If you have a down payment of at least 20 per cent you’ll qualify for a conventional mortgage. For those with a down payment between 5 per cent and 19.99 per cent, you’ll need to obtain mortgage insurance.
Although mortgage insurance may seem like a cash grab, and depending on your circumstances it may be, it can actually be a good thing. Without mortgage insurance buyers with less than a 20 per cent down payment would pay a lot higher mortgage rates. Mortgage insurance offers lenders protection if you default on your mortgage – since risk is reduced, lenders are able to offer a more favourable mortgage rate.
How Much More Will I Pay?
Starting June 1st, buyers with less than a 10 per cent down payment will see their premiums increase. Mortgage insurance, which currently ranges from 2.4 – 3.15 per cent of the mortgage amount for the 10 to 5 percent down payment range (90 – 95% of the purchase price mortgages), will increase to a new range of 2.4 – 3.85 per cent. Buyers with a down payment of only 5 per cent will see the stiffest increase, whereas the closer the down payment is to 10 percent, the smaller the effect of these changes will be.
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